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5 Tips on Living with HIV

HIV infected people must take extra cares of himself so that to ensure he enjoys a healthy life. Person living with HIV should follow all the possible steps that can protect his immune system and overall well being. It is important to keep your body much equipped to fight off viruses and infections. HIV infected people need to include healthy habits in their lifestyle.

Tips on living with HIV

Choose safe sex: It is important to have safe sex and know how the virus is passed so that to decrease the risk of infecting others. It is vital to make use of condom so that to protect your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other types of infections.

Have a test for STDs: If a person is having sexually transmitted diseases he is more likely to become prone to HIV and other infections. STDs can worsen the HIV and progress the disease to spread more rapidly. It is good to get tested for STDs as there are less symptoms associated with it.

Defend your body from infections: HIV is responsible for weakening your immune system, which means your body becomes more vulnerable virus, bacteria, and germ. That’s why it is important to follow proper hygiene process that include cleaning of hands and stay away from sick people. Also, be on time with your due date vaccinations and decrease the risk of illness.

Follow treatment: Once the HIV is detected it is important to get the suitable treatment for it. Skipping medication can give the virus to opportunity to become resistant to the drugs. So, don’t ever skip medicines. Also avoid use of alcohol and only take prescribed drugs given by doctor. Avoiding alcohol can help to prevent thinking and reasoning which is important in reducing HIV-related dementia.

Say no to smoking: Quit smoking is also very beneficial for HIV infected people. It will help in reducing the risk that is associated with heart attack and stroke.

Manage emotional health issues: Depression is very common with HIV people and it can worsen the symptoms of HIV. Depression can deteriorate physical pain associated with HIV. Keeping depression under control can assist to recover your bodily and emotional well being.

Do some exercise: Physical and mental exercise can keep your mind and body strong. For HIV infected people it is important to follow some regular exercise that include walking, biking, running, swimming etc. All these activities keep fit and stress level also goes down. Not only have this physical exercises are helpful in making the good condition of the immune system. HIV infected people should also try some mental exercise that maintain your cognitive health. It is advised to dos some exercise because the memory, concentration, and attention can be affected by HIV.

During HIV phase if the infected person may gets underweight. So, it is important to include balanced diet in your diet chart. HIV infected person should take plenty of fruit and vegetables so that the body gets maximum fiber, vitamins and minerals. He should also include abundance of starchy carbohydrates to give the energy.  Some protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs and beans should also be included in the diet of HIV infected person.

To stay healthy with HIV is within the control of infected person. The person must charge himself and live a healthy lifestyle that fuel up his body with healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet.  It is important to treat your body well during the HIV so as to strengthen your body and build immune system that protect against illnesses and infections. Once the treatment of HIV starts it is important to follow it correctly. Don’t skip the drugs. Follow a chart that includes all your day activities. With proper treatment and good lifestyle HIV infected person can extend his life expectancy.

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