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Measuring Success of Paid Search Campaigns

If you successfully manage to organize organic search engine optimization and Pay Per Click efforts, you must be eager to know their positive results for your business. For that you can track and analyze the successful campaigns results with different techniques.  Through these techniques you will get great overview of your performance, and you can easily track a solid measure of your success.

How to track the success of search camping’s  

Quality score: It is the score that measures the relevancy of your keywords by search engines.  The score is useful assuring that the searchers can see the relevant ads about your website. Quality score can be determined by through click-through rate of the relevant keyword and its equivalent ad. It depends on how relevant the keyword is to the ad group. Also it depends on the quality of your landing page. It is vital to maintain these scores because Google will use these scores for determining the ranking of your ad.

Click-Through Rate: It is the most useful rate that helps in determining your quality scores. Along with that it explains whether or not your ads are relevant to searchers. If you are getting low click-through rates for your ads, indicates that either your keywords or your ad creative need improvement.

Conversion Rate: It signifies the number of people who clicked your ad for a desired landing page. It tells the number of clicks for desired actions like purchase, signing up for a free trial, or filling out some other kind of form. With strong conversion rates you will get the money back that you spend per click and easily turn that in your profit.

Cost Per Conversion: It is the main number that makes or breaks a campaign from a success/failure standpoint. It means that if you have to pay more to gain a new customer, then your campaign is failing and indicated that you haven’t attained a return on investment. It is the important metric that monitors your overall cost and is totally based on cost per click.

Wasted Spend: Placing ads through Pay Per Click plays a vital role in promoting ads. It is important to analyze the effectiveness of these ads, which can be done by wasted spend. It actually measures the amount of money you are driving down by paying for clicks that don’t convert in success. If you want to eliminate your wasted spend you need to use negative keywords smartly. These keywords filter out traffic, which is irrelevant to your business and unlikely to convert. Negative keywords are helpful in preventing your ads from displaying for search queries that contain that keyword.

How to check the above metrics?


Many different tools are available the help in checking the performance of these key metrics. For example AdWords Performance Grader, which is a free tool that performs an instant Pay Per Click audit on your AdWords account. It assists in comparing the performance in certain areas like quality score and wasted spend count. With this tool you can easily measure the competitor’s ad and you can easily track the changes.

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