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All You Must Know About Cacao Beans

Cacao beans are mainly the seeds of a tree named as Theobroma cacao tree, which is a small evergreen tree that typically grows in Mexico and South America. These beans are roasted and processed to form a basic and delicious chocolate powder. Dried at low temperature these beans are called as raw beans that can be taken whole and when broken into pieces they are referred as nibs.  Cacao beans are the whole bean that straight comes from the cacao fruit. However, cacao nibs are generally the cacao beans that have been peeled and sliced up.

How to use Cacao beans?

Generally the Cacao beans are used in drinking chocolate that can be derived from raw cacao powder. You can consume it in form of chocolate pudding, which is the best breakfast option. You can use its powder form in sprinkling over bread and fruits.

Health benefits of Cacao beans

Antioxidant benefit

Presence of chemicals called as flaonoids makes Cacao beans a type of antioxidant that enhances your overall health. Its consumption can reduce the risk of various diseases. Category of flavonoid named as anthocyanidin is particularly vast in cacao beans, and is powerful antioxidants.

Improves cardiovascular system

According to some studies Cacao beans promotes cardiovascular system. The beans contain proanthocyanidin compounds that can help to reduce the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein, which is often called bad cholesterol. It can produce fat additions in arteries that can direct to atherosclerosis. But taking cacao beans can reduce it because its antioxidants block low-density lipoprotein and can prevent plaque formation. Cacao beans improve circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fights against cancer

Presence of flavonoid antioxidants in cacao might interfere with the development of cancer. According to many researchers it is concluded that compounds in cacao might prevent cancer or improve the outcome when the disease is already present.

Stabilize hormonal mood swings

It is believed that Cacao beans improve the brain levels of serotonin, which makes brain to think and feel good. Cacao beans have shown proven benefits that boost the brain levels of soothing hormones and re-establish feelings of comfort.

Prevents premature aging

Polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao can prevent premature aging. These antioxidants protect your cells from premature oxidation or destruction and can keep you looking and feeling younger longer.

Reduces blood pressure

If you want to lower your blood pressure naturally you must consume cacao beans. Patients who take it in small amount of it in every evening may see drastic level in their blood pressure.

Reset your metabolism

In case you are not getting enough antioxidants in your diet, you must surely consume cacao beans. In many reports it is confirmed that within two weeks cacao reduced the stress hormone cortisol. That will help in improved metabolism.

Cacao beans are indulged with great health benefits. The list doesn’t ends here. Cacao beans can prevent sunburns. People who consume these beans can stay longer in the sun. Also, with Cacao beans you can get shiny hair, strong nails, and take care of your pancreas. It is considered that raw cacao power includes some natural mood stimulants that are essential for lifting mood up. Also, the powder contains arginine, which is an essential amino acid that helps to relax the blood vessels. Increase level of magnesium in cacao can encourage heart health and build strong. If you want to relax your mind you must consume Cacao powder because they contain Tryptophan, an amino acid that help you achieve a good night sleep. Additionally, Cacao beans contain Sulphur, which is found essential in building strong nails and healthy, beautiful skin.


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