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Top Social Media Marketing Trends

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM is part of internet marketing that makes use of social networking websites as a marketing tool. The main aim of SMM is develop quality and unique content that users will share with their social networks. It will help business owners to increase their brand exposure and customer reach. With help of social network SMM services you can get direct feedback from customers and ask questions or discuss further more about your business.

Popular Trends of Social Media Marketing

Video content: This trend is highly popular in content marketing. You can make educational videos and train your audience along with the advertisement of your website. Video content also includes explainer videos that depict established methods to viewers for using your item.

Pay for exposure: Sometimes the share of exposure you get for your brand is not enough. For enhancing it you need to pay for publicizing permits that meet your demands on organic search result page.  For this use Facebook’s publicizing stage, where you can market to a specific age bunch, sex, area, and different parameters.

Role of new platforms: Recently there were three big players of social media – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All three of them sever similar function of endorsing your brand in a different ways. But, now new platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are available. Both of them serve a functional role despite having massive user bases.

Buy buttons: Social media marketing has changed the advertising experience and incorporates new methods for better user experience. Ads are starting to work their way into users’ newsfeeds and profiles more smoothly.  These are naturally connected with a buy button, which leads to an integrated cart that helps in converting followers into real customers.

How to use social media for marketing your business

The initial thing to do before engaging in online marketing is focus on the things that you are targeting. Know about your assets and also who your target customers are. Sign-up for different social media platforms and create your own business page. Make your page active with daily post updates. Before adding your friends and followers it is important to post some content on your page. Give your users a reason to follow your page and offer important information about your business services. Use social media network like YouTube for posting your business videos. Users will view your video and if they share your posts you can easily reach to potential customers. You can also use Google+ and comment on one of the posts immediately. It will be great if you create circles on Google+ because it will help in targeting certain group of people who are interested in your products. You can also make use of LinkedIn, it provides the best way to get involved with potential customers by joining industry groups and starting group discussions. For social media marketing you need to stay active. That’s why you need to get alerts on your phone when people are engage with you and respond them quickly. Re-tweet and post comments about your services also enhance your social media network.

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